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    Why Pasta ?

    As a low cost, fast prepared, practical and nutritious food, pasta has become an extremely popular choice not only in Italy but across the whole world.

    History of pasta can be traced way back in history. Contrary to the generally accepted belief, it appears that pasta was not introduced to the Italian way of life through Marco Polo’s expeditions to the Orient. Various cave paintings found in the Imperia Region of northern Italy suggests that pasta has been an almost ever-present ingredient of culinary culture in the Italian mainland. A food for the noble and the rich during the Renaissance in the form of filled pastas like lasagne, ravioli and tortellini, pasta suddenly became the food for the common people in the 19th century. Today one can easily say that pasta has become the global favorite for all.

    Pasta is one of the basic ingredients of a balanced diet. Not only a rich source of carbohydrates, but low in fats & calories as well. Pasta is not a fattening product, however the high calorie sauces it is served with can be. Especially the pasta types with eggs contain proteins at a level of %13 and they are also very rich in various vitamins and minerals.